Next-generation volatility strategies

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Volos provides access to a new universe of actively managed options and volatility strategies


Why Options Strategies?

Investors utilize options to structurally enhance their portfolio returns. Options help achieve meaningful portfolio objectives such as:

  • Minimizing risk

  • Generating alternative income

  • Maximizing returns

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Alter portfolio returns

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Define investment outcomes

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Optimizing Options Strategies

Volos quickly answers fundamental questions in options strategy management such as:

  • What are the empirical performance benefits of adding a specific overlay strategy to your portfolio?

  • What are the best options structures, strike prices and maturities for achieving your portfolio objectives?

  • What is the optimal capital and risk allocations for and within an overlay?

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Options strategies and software for institutional investors and asset managers


Strategy Feeds

Thousands of real-time options strategies for investors to easily execute.


Overlay Optimizer

Recommends customized options overlays for an investors’s existing portfolio.


Custom Solutions

Tailor-made strategies research and development.



We believe volatility and options-based strategies are the next frontier of asset management. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality strategies and tools for systematically investing with options. 

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