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We work with asset managers, hedge funds, and HNW individuals to structure portfolios that more efficiently meet investment objectives. 

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Custom Software Solutions

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Harness the alpha in options strategies

Volos has developed extensive software for designing and implementing systematic options strategies. Our platform capabilities include dynamic position management, structuring, market model calibration, scenario & sensitivity analysis,  portfolio management, and alpha modeling for listed and OTC derivatives.

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Custom Portfolio Backtesting

Volos works with clients who:

  • Seek to understand how their portfolios perform with options overlays and other systematic management techniques.

  • Are interested in rapidly designing customized options-based alpha and beta strategies

These clients include:

  • Hedge funds seeking to leverage their security selection alpha

  • Asset managers seeking to optimize their current options programs

Volos quantifies the value added of each candidate options program and often provides software and custom Strategy Feeds for implementing these programs on a live basis.