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Thousands of strategies at your fingertips

Strategy Feeds is the first tool that provides seamless access to an original universe of active options strategies

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Discover new systematic options strategies

Easily search, analyze, and execute top performing options strategies

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Access Active Options Strategies


Covered Calls

Covered calls allow investors to generate income from an
existing allocation in equities and equity indices. Volos has
conducted extensive research on active management
techniques for enhancing performance of covered call
strategies at the single security and portfolio level.

Dynamic PutWrite

PutWrite strategies allow investors to generate additional
income from collecting premiums on short put positions.
PutWrite strategies deliver positive beta and short volatility
exposure and can also serve as a strategic method for
entering long positions.

Volatility Risk Premium

Access volatility as an uncorrelated source of yield. Volos
can help quantify the various performance trade-offs across
the many implementation styles of VRP strategies.

Custom Hedging Solutions

Protect the portfolio against market downturns in a capital
efficient manner. Volos has developed strategies for
significantly reducing the cost of hedging relative to
traditional strategies.

Alpha-Beta Separation

Reduce or neutralize the portfolio's exposure to systematic market fluctuations. Volos is able to more efficiently help investors maintain market neutral portfolios.

Alpha Overlays

Enhance the idiosyncratic returns of the portfolio through
tactical long and relative value volatility positions. Volos has
developed algorithms to identify optimal payoff structures
for expressing alpha views.